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The main elected, appointed, and volunteer bodies are described below:

Elected Official - Board of Supervisors - Auditors - Tax Collector - Appointed - Planning Commission - Zoning Hearing Board - Solicitor
Engineer - Volunteer Positions - Fire Chief

John E. Whitehouse
49 Summer Drive
Dillsburg, PA 17019
Ronald Allen
412 S Lewisberry Road
Lewisberry, PA 17339
Vicki Aycock
216 S. Grantham Rd.
Dillsburg, PA 17019

The Board of Supervisors consists of three members. One member is elected, at large during each local election (every other year). The term of office is six years. The Chairmanship of the Board is voted on by the members and traditionally rotates every year. The authority of the Board is based upon the State's Second Class Township Code.

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the appointment of the Township Secretary, and various boards and commissions. The Supervisors determine municipal policy (in concert with permissions of state law), the level of services provided to the citizens, adopt the budget, and set the municipal tax rate. The Board of Supervisors adopts the Comprehensive Plan, which determines community goals and objectives.


Tammy Samsel 12/31/2018
Robert Secord 12/31/2021(4 year term)

The Board of Auditors consists of three members. One member is elected, at large during each local election (every other year). The term of office is six years. The elected Auditors are responsible for reviewing the financial records of the Township and reporting their findings to the State. The Township also undertakes an independent yearly audit of its financial records through a professional Certified Public Accountant firm.


Charles Douglas Hoffman 228 North Grantham Road
Dillsburg, PA 17019
717-697-1283 12/31/2021 (4 year term)

The Township Tax Collector is elected every four years. The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes within the township.

Real Estate address changes should be reported to the Tax Collector.

Per Capita Taxes - for occupational or address changes, please call Brenda King, 432-8691
Ext. 1109.


Thomas Essig 12/31/2021
Deborah Henson 12/31/2020
Joy Schreffler 12/31/2021
Linden A. Shoffner 12/31/2021
John Bush, Chairman 12/31/2018

The Planning Commission is a five member advisory board to the Board of Supervisors. The members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors for terms of four years. Members must be residents of the Township.

The responsibilities of the Commission are outlined in the State's Municipalities Planning Code. Their tasks include reviewing and making recommendations on subdivision and land development plans, preparing and/or recommending ordinances regarding subdivision and land development, promoting interest in the comprehensive plan, preparing environmental studies, and other activities at the request of the Board of Supervisors.

The commission, in carrying out its responsibilities, may hold hearings and make site visits to properties being considered for development.


Brad Bock 12/31/2020
Patricia Devlin 12/31/2018
Robert Meyers 12/31/2019

The Zoning Hearing Board is a three member board appointed by the Board of Supervisors to hear appeals regarding the Zoning Ordinance. The term of office is three years. Members must be residents of the township. The requirement for a Zoning Hearing Board is embodied in the Municipalities Planning Code. The Board has the use of a solicitor and engineer to give them advice and guidance.

The primary purpose of the Board is to help assure fair and equitable application and administration of the Zoning Ordinance by hearing appeals on the Zoning Officer's decisions. The Zoning Hearing Board may grant relief from the literal enforcement of the ordinance in certain hardship situations. The Board has neither legislative nor enforcement power; it can't make or modify zoning policy. It is a quasi-judicial body: that is, its powers are to some extent judicial in nature. The Board schedules hearings on applications with finding of fact and conclusions of law. Its scope of activities is limited to those permitted by the Municipalities Planning Code and the Monaghan Township Zoning Ordinance.


Marvin Beshore, Esquire

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