The Township will remove trees from the Township right-of-way; the homeowner is responsible for any trees outside the Township right-of-way.  If a tree has fallen into a Township street, the Township will remove it out of the street area only.



The Township will not remove any tree limbs from electric or telephone wires.  We will contact the appropriate utility company to do this.



Yes, the Township will replace or install all missing or damaged street signs and stop signs on Township roads as soon as possible.


TOWNSHIP BURNING REGULATIONS  As a reminder please call if you plan to burn leaves this spring. Residents are reminded that when burning limbs and leaves, Township regulations must be followed.

Procedures for burning are found in Monaghan Township Ordinance No. 41 of 1994.

Notification must be given to York County Control two hours prior to starting an uncontained fire. Call toll free 1-717-854-5571 and ask for the Fire Dispatcher. Report that you will be conducting a controlled burn. The fire dispatcher must also be notified when the fire is extinguished. All uncontained fires must be attended by a responsible adult at all times.

Burning of plastics, byproducts of manufacturing and processing operations, wastes from commercial operations and/or any substance determined by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the United States Environmental Protection Agency to be a hazardous substance is strictly prohibited at all times. In addition, no burning is permitted which would violate the Air Pollution Control Act or other legislation of the Commonwealth or other competent government body.

Burning may be banned by the Board. Bans are usually imposed due to drought conditions.