Why do I need a permit?

    You need a permit because it gives you legal permission to begin the construction of a structure. Permits ensure safe construction by protecting public health, safety, and welfare.

How much does a permit cost?

    Each permit type has different fees based upon the Township's cost to review and inspect the structure. You can assess the Fee schedule to view these charges.

Do I need a permit to just replace the roof shingles?

    No, only if the construction involves extending the roof or replacing rafters.

Do I need a permit if I am installing replacement windows?

    You do not need a permit for replacement of windows.

Do I need a permit for a concrete walkway?

    No, a permit is not necessary for a walkway, but it is required for expanded driveways.

Why does it take so long to get a permit approved?

    On average, it takes about two weeks to get a permit application approved.  The Zoning Officer first reviews each permit application and checks if it is filled out completely and correctly.  Then he begins to look at the plot plan to see if everything will fit properly and follow all zoning regulations.  If the project then requires a Building Permit, the plans are reviewed by the Building Inspector.  If everything passes this review, then the permit is approved and construction may begin once the permit has been picked up by the applicant.