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  1. Where is the Township Administration Office located?
  2. When and where are the various Township meetings held?
  3. Who should I call with a trash service problem?
  4. What items do we recycle and how do we separate our recyclable items?
  5. What and when are Clean-up days?
  6. How do I get a recycle bin?
  7. How do I dispose of old paint cans?
  8. When do I need to obtain a building permit?
  9. Who are our state officials?
  10. Who would I contact to get information on disposing of hazardous wastes?
  11. Who do I contact to remove a dead deer from the roadway?
  12. Who is responsible to take trees down that are in the Township right-of-way?
  13. Who will remove a tree branch from electric or telephone wire?
  14. Will the Township install or replace fallen, damaged or missing signs?
  15. Codes and Permits FAQ's
  16. What are the Township controlled burning regulations?


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