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Without fail every winter we receive some snow and ice storms. Some winters are more severe than others are. However, whether it will be severe or not, our staff are preparing to do their best to have our roads in as good a condition as possible.

Our trucks salt, cinder, and plow over 56.42 lane miles of roads. We hire extra help and maintain stock piles of anti-skid material. We stock extra parts for plows, salt spreaders, and truck chains. Despite our best efforts, we do have equipment break downs during snowstorms; this may delay work on certain routes. Please be patient.

Township Building - January 2005

Each operator has a specific route that includes high priority roads and lesser priority roads. When a snowstorm begins, operators will cover their entire route with salt and anti-skid material. This helps to keep the snow and ice from freezing on the surface. After that they begin to plow their route. The intensity of the snowstorm determines how routes are completed. For minor storms the entire route may be completed at once. However, if the storm intensifies, only priority routes (usually through roads) will be plowed. Cull-de-sacs and secondary roads will not be done until the main routes can be kept open. As the storm lightens all roads will be opened. After all roads can be kept open, drivers complete their route by pushing snow back as far as possible on the cart way and clearing the intersections.



The success of our winter maintenance program depends on how much cooperation we receive from our citizens. By following these guidelines during a snowstorm you can assist us in keeping the roadways open:


  • Don't park cars on a street during a snowstorm. Remove all vehicles from streets before the storm and keep them off the street until the streets are cleared. Having cars in the street only delays the clearing of streets and additional tax dollars!
  • Don't push or shovel snow into the street. This practice causes a safety hazard and could cause an accident. You can be fined for this or be held responsible for the accident.
  • Properly prepare your vehicle for winter driving. If you do not have confidence when driving on snow and ice, don't drive. Share the ride with someone or change your schedule so that you don't have to travel. Wait until the roads are clear before traveling.
  • When clearing your driveway be aware that when streets are plowed and widened the snow will go into your driveway. Clearing a wider area on the edge of the street before your driveway will allow much of the snow to leave the plow before your driveway.
  • Check your mailbox. We are not responsible for mailbox damage unless we hit it with a truck. Heavy snow thrown from highway plows will break mailboxes and rotted posts. You are responsible for these repairs.
  • Andersontown Road, South Filey's Road, South Lewisberry Road, West Siddonsburg Road, East Siddonsburg Road, North York Road and South York Road are state roads. We do not plow or maintain these roads. Call PennD0T at (717) 848-6230 to report problems with these roads.


Our road department and the contractors we hire spend long hours in tough conditions to make the roads as safe as possible, please cooperate with them and appreciate the fact that they are doing their best to serve the community.


Report all potholes on Township roads to the Township Office at (717) 697-2132. Our Road Crew will make an assessment of the situation and undertake either temporary or permanent repairs.

Potholes on State roads can be reported to PennDOT at (800) FIX-ROAD.






PennDOT Reminds Homeowners to Prepare Mailboxes for Winter


PennDOT reminds residents living along rural state and local roads that now is the time to prepare mailboxes for the winter months.  Snow thrown from plows can easily damage mailboxes that are not prepared.


Mailboxes are normally placed within the state's legal right-of-way; however, mailbox damage is the responsibility of the property owner.


If a mailbox is placed as far from the edge of the road as the carrier can reach from a vehicle and the mailbox is placed on a sturdy support, it should be able to withstand the force of snow thrown from a plow.


PennDOT offers these tips to help reduce the risk of mailbox damage:


      • Place a 6 to 8 inch piece of reflective tape on the mailbox to help snow plow operators see it at night.
      • Remove snow from around the mailbox, but never throw it back onto the road.
      • If the mailbox is located within the legal right-of-way and damage was experienced in the past, homeowners may want to consider repositioning the mailbox before winter.


Homeowners who have followed these tips in the past have still experience mailbox damage may wish to consider installing a cantilevered mailbox support that will swing a mailbox out of harm's way.  Visit for a copy of plans for a cantilever mailbox support.


Contact your local post office for more information about how to correctly position a mailbox.


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